Monday, 23 November 2015



That moment when you sat in class, eyeing the minx across the room and noticing her fabulous jacket, envy shooting over you face and ricocheting against your friend, leaving you both to sit there with an immense urge to do some shopping. Well don’t fret, Dealsale has a solution to this particular problem. If you click on the link below you can download their mobile app which allows you to do some shopping anywhere you want! Yes that means if you are doing some canoeing or been hiking for 5 days straight, and the urge kicks in, hopefully having some form of signal, you will be able to do some shopping thanks to this app!

White dress: 

$100 Coupon - DealSale Website: 
70% off - IOS: 
70% off - Android:

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Out and about

Things have been considerably unmanageable regarding free time to do anything other than trying to obtain my degree. So a recent collaboration with Dresslink  has forced me to remove myself from the damp corner of my cave were my desk seems to be, to the outside world. There in nature I had to adapt from my sleep deprived brain into “bohemian style” mode in order to take a few akward photos of a very comfortable, of the shoulder jumpsuit. In order to move through this outside setting, three footwear changes had to be made, where I realized that this jumpsuit is quite versatile in mixing and matching of style. Do have a click on the links below!;)

   ---->   Foot bangle

  ----->   Off shoulder jumpsuit